About Us

About Us

Kacktus Pty Ltd. started journey 2011 focusing retail market in Australia with direct involvement of big franchise convenience network.  Due to working with P&C channel and various level of customers   We have the opportunities to have close look to consumers demand above the current market in the field of Beverage, Confectionery, Snacks, Spices, ethnic groceries and frozen foods.

After long market research Kacktus pty Ltd. form a new company called Kacktus international pty ltd

Kacktus international pty ltd is dedicated and committed to meet the demand of the foods market particularly above-mentioned food sectors by importing and local sourcing of quality foods.

By the Devotion and hardworking kacktus International pty ltd became very popular food distributors within a very short period.

We believe our customers deserve best quality , Best prices and B

Kacktus International pty ltd is a 100% Australian own Company.


About Us

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